Planning a wild hens party? What to wear to a hens night?

Want a Wild Hens Party? Thinking about what you should wear?

Ok so here is the quick and fast answers:

Classy hens night? A nice long dress.

A pub club crawl hens night? A short skirt or Dress.

A hens day activity? Something practical that looks nice but you can still move well and not have to worry about.

Are you throwing a hens party in the near future? Do you want to make sure your upcoming hens party is wild, sizzling and completely unforgettable? Then you will definitely want to consider the following tips that will make your hens party something to remember for ages.

Get Together Before the Party to Get Glammed Up

 It’s always fun to get glammed up before you head out for a night on the town. Getting glammed up can help you feel more confident, sexy and make your hens party more fun through a friendly bonding experience before you all head out. You could even opt to sport matching looks, such as similar hairstyles, to boost the group dynamic.

Book Tickets to an Adult Entertainment Show

 Adult entertainment shows are one of the most popular options for a hens night party, and for a good reason: they’re fun, wild and definitely sizzling! There are tons of adult entertainment show options you can consider at a hens night party, ranging from men’s strip clubs, private entertainers, or all-male revue shows which are akin to theatrical experiences with dancing, music and more.

Take a Hen Night Oriented Pole Dancing Class

 Pole dancing can be great exercise–but for a hens night, you’ll want to opt for a pole dancing class specifically designed for hens night groups. These hens night oriented classes will have sexier music and an overall wild vibe that is perfect for enjoying yourselves as a group. A pole dancing class geared towards hens night parties is a perfect hens night opener, since it will help everyone feel looser, indulge in fun and bond together as a group. Make sure to wear your best pole dancing outfits and get ready for an experience you won’t soon forget!

Get Drinks (and Food) to Loosen Up and Boost the Fun

 If you’re not used to partying or a few people in your group feel that they might be stuck in their shell, you should consider having a drink or two to loosen up and increase the fun factor. Remember not to drink to excess–a drink or two is great for feeling buzzed and helping yourself enjoy the moment, but you don’t want anyone to drink to the point of being sick or stumbling. Make sure to grab some food, too! It’s hard to have fun on an empty stomach.

Consider Hiring a Private Entertainer

 If you’re interested in a very wild and sizzling time, you should consider hiring a private entertainer ie male strippers for your hens night party. A private entertainer can bring a much more personal and exciting vibe to your hens night as opposed to visiting a club or seeing a show with entertainers up on the stage. Make sure that you check with the bride-to-be to make sure that they’re fine with having a private entertainer, and don’t forget to tip!

Make sure you keep the above tips in mind if you want your hens party to be on the wild side.

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