bachelorette party confessions

Bachelorette parties are supposed to be a time when a woman and her friends celebrate the bride’s last days as a single person. They usually involve lots of drinking, possibly professional pole performers, and, many times, poor decisions. But there are some parties that get a little out of hand. People always talk about the debauchery that happens during bachelor parties, but those bachelorette shindigs can get just as wild.

Revisiting some crazy stories of bachelorette party pasts, a few people on Reddit confessed to the most rowdy things they witnessed while hanging out with a bride-to-be. Now, if you’re a soon-to-be-groom, whose fiancée is prepping for her alcohol-induced night on the town with her besties, these stories might give you pause. As much as we’d all like to believe that ladies who are just days away from saying “I do” wouldn’t jeopardize their relationships for a roll in the hay (or a quickie in a public bathroom stall) with a stranger, we all know that one too many tequila shots can make even the most conservative of individuals lose all of their inhibitions.

We bet you’ve never heard of bachelorette parties this insane, and if you have, hopefully it wasn’t yours!

Wait…Whose Baby Is This?

In Australia, a bachelorette party is called a ‘Hen party.’ No matter where you’re from or what they’re called, the shenanigans are pretty much the same and just as wild. In this story, the bride got drunk — and we mean wasted — and disappeared with one of the male strippers. As terrible as that is, it’s more common than you’d like to think. However, the real surprise came nine months later as a newlywed husband waited patiently in a delivery room with his wife to meet their minutes-old baby.

“Kinda breaking the rules as I didn’t see it but rather heard about it – Over here in AUS where they’re called Hens,  were hired and the bride to be got completely plastered and ‘Didn’t remember anything.’ As it turns out nine months later, with her Caucasian husband by her side she gives birth to a black child, coincidentally the same race as one of the stripper she disappeared with. They were divorced shortly afterwards.”

The Limo Driver Chronicles

Bachelors versus Bachelorettes: who’s messier? According to this limo drivers who has seen his fair share of both parties, those bachelorettes take the prize. He said cleaning up after them is the worst because, let’s face it, there are phallic-shaped party favors and novelty products. The most men leave behind are beer cans or liquor bottles.

“Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen? The girls invited me in and hey, why not. Free soda and no cover because I was driving them. 21 year old bride to be, apparently a sheltered kid, religious school and all that. She somehow wound up on stage, being fondled by a drag performer, and had more dollar bills plucked out of her cleavage by drag queens than I would’ve ever guessed. She then got completely hammered and pulled off of the stage by security when she started to undo her top. Nice quiet ride home until she threw up in the cooler.”

Other confessions

“My friend was getting married to who we all thought was her soul mate, and the bachelorette and bachelor parties . The first day of the trip, all of us could tell that there was some hostility between the bride and groom, but we just kind of ignored it because Vegas. The girls immediately decided we wanted to do our own thing for the weekend and let the men do theirs. One of the girls was a lesbian and she had secret feelings for the bride, but kept them suppressed out of respect for the groom. Jump ahead two days at one of the VIP cabanas, and all of us are chugging vodka and getting wasted when we noticed that she, as well as the bride, had gone missing. It turns out the bride was in love with her the entire time too and they spent hours in our cabana bathroom talking and making love. We had to leave the next day, but they decided to stay behind with a few other girls, so the bride could clear her head and figure out what to do. Long story short, she came back home, broke it off with her fiancé, and now her and her girl are happy as ever.”

“A sorority sister’s bachelorette , and about 15 of us went there to celebrate. Things were tense when we got there because some of the girls had wildly different budgets than others. After a huge fight, two groups broke off, with one group going to an upscale club and another hitting a dive-y restaurant. The bad news? Each group thought the bride was with the other, when actually she’d been left back at the hotel! When no one answered her phone right away, she got so mad at everyone that she booked her own hotel room for the night and refused to speak to any of us.”

“We were at a friend of the bride’s house all having drinks, playing drinking games, and having fun. We had penis candles lit and a pin-the-junk-on-the-hunk game going, all sorts of the regular bachelorette party shenanigans. It was about midnight and we decided we should probably head to the bar. So we got all our stuff and blew out all the candles and headed out. The minute we got to the bar, the girl who owned the house got a phone call — her house was on fire! She left immediately. We stayed behind waiting for another cab to take us to her house. Let’s just say always remember to blow out all the penis candles or any candles before you leave the house!”

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