Bachelorette party decorations

As your friend steps into the marital bliss, you are duty bound to throw him/her a bachelor/bachelorette party. And when we speak of parties, it can never be complete without proper bridal shower supplies/ bachelorette party supplies. The day is quite special for the guest of honor is stepping into a huge milestone, into the next important phase of their lives. You want the entire bachelorette party decoration kit to make sure that there is no stone left unturned.

Metallic Balloons

These bride-to-be foil balloons are a MUST! They not only set the ambience right but also make for a nice photo backdrop for the bride.

Glitzy curtains

Glam and glitz is an inevitable part of every girls’ bash. These foil curtains are sure to up the glam factor at your friend’s bachelorette party.

Props set

A girls’ bash is synonymous to endless posing and photographs. And bachelorette photos definitely incomplete without fun props.

Flamingo-themed balloons

Flamingo-themed bachelorette parties are all rage! And here are some balloons that will perfectly go with that theme.

A set of bachelorette decor essentials set

Here’s an ultimate budget-friendly set comprising of balloons, banners and props.

Bride Chair Tag

Amp your BFF bridey’s chair on her most memorable night with you girls.

Cake Toppers

Having a bachelorette cake is not enough. You MUST top it with a fun toppers like these.

Blingy bridal cup

Leave no stone unturned to pamper your lovely bride-to-be. She will definitely love this blingy bridal cup. And mind you, these little dainty are sure to add a lot to the decor.

Flamingo neon lamp

Owing to the rage of flamingo-stuff for bachelorette parties, this is another unique element that you can include in the bachelorette decoration.

Wall decor

Paper garlands made of martini glasses and heels are another way pep up the bachelorette decorations.

Ring Balloon

This ring foil balloon is another essential¬†that’s purely unmissable.

Engagement Ring Ice Cubes

Use a clever silicone tray to make ring-shaped ice cubes or Jell-O shots that’ll have everyone taking photos.

Diamond Pinata

his massive pinata doubles as a bachelorette party activity, so you’re really paying for two supplies for the price of one.

Modern Plates

While some weddings stick to classic white, bachelorette party decorations can get playful and colorful. Chic hexagon-shaped party plates in pink and navy are both stylish and fun.

Diamond Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake toppers are the sparkly little detail you didn’t know you needed. They’re perfect for elevating dessert or cheese tables to a whole new level.

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