Beach Party Ideas & Tips

Beach Party Ideas & Tips

Chase the winter blues away by having an indoor Beach Party. Here’s some advice and tips for holding a Beach Party that your guests will surely love.


Tell the guests to casually dress up for the beach, wearing swimsuits and sarongs, Hawaiian shirts and shorts. Don’t let them forget to bring a towel.

You can even provide different colours of zinc cream for people to paint their faces.


If you’re holding this party indoors, give the house a beach feel by decorating it with bright colours. Make paper cutouts of clouds to put along the walls and make sure there’s a big bright sun to add.

You can even use cardboard and paint to make fake surfboards that you can lean up against the walls, giving the place a laid back beach shack look. Leave a couple of Beach Balls lying about for the guests to kick around.

To add to the mood, you can make a fake bonfire by twisting up red and yellow cellophane and setting it within a pile of sticks on the floor. Lay beach towels around the floor for guests to relax on.

Food Suggestions

Use an Esky filled with ice to serve all the bottled drinks. Provide glasses with small cocktail umbrellas and bendy straws.

Shrimp and chicken skewers would be perfect for a sunny snack.

When you set food out on the table, liven it up by using cardboard and paint to make the table look like the front of a Kiosk.

Games & Activities

Wipe Out:
Use blue paint and cardboard or Styrofoam to make an ocean horizon, cutting it in sections so that waves rise up at the top.

Make small cutouts of small surfers and tape then to the back of the waves so they can be seen over the top.

Give the guests water bombs and see who can knock the surfers down.

Sandy Pants:
Prepare fake sand by tearing up strips of yellow paper, or by using Styrofoam beads.

Arrange the fake sand in equal amounts, placing it in bowls or small boxes.

Have the guests put a pair of Speedos on over there clothes.

When the whistle blows, the guests have to fill the Speedos with as much sand as they can before the whistle blows again.

Offer a prize to whoever holds the most sand!

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