Bucks Party Ideas

The Bucks Night are as much a part of wedding celebrations as veils, vows and not to mention the wedding itself.

The Bucks Night was traditionally held on the eve of the wedding but with many tales of sordid pranks, most grooms (and brides!) feel safer to have the Bucks Night well in advance of the wedding these days.

The most important thing to remember for either a Hens or Bucks night is to make sure it’s carefully planned. Although the Bride or Groom will often have a say in what the night will involve, it is customary for the arrangements to be made by the Best Man or Bridesmaid.

It’s very traditional for a Bucks Night to involve a visit to a strip-club at some point in the evening, and while this may have been frowned upon once by the Bride’s party, it’s not uncommon these days for a Hens Night to be just as cheeky.

There are many tour bus companies that can offer a guided night out to bars, clubs and strip-venues – catering to both Bucks and Hens Nights.

If you’re preparing to tie the knot and want to play it safe, however, there are many alternatives that can be just as enjoyable. Many Bucks and Hens Nights have taken place at restaurants rather than hitting the town all night.

One alternative is to spend the day with friends at a novelty venue, participating in a wild sport such as Go-Karting, Rock-climbing or even battling it out on a Skirmish Range. Events like this can also be used to bring the two groups together, Lads versus Lasses in competitive sports like Mini Golf or Laser Tag.

Games and Activities

Lipstick On Your Collar:
Have the groom collect as many shades of lipstick as he can throughout the night, daring him to approach women and convince them to kiss his shirt collar. Set a minimum amount and see if he’s up for the challenge!

The To-Do List:
This one’s far more common among Hens Nights, but could just as easily be applied to the groom… Make a list of “dares” for the bride to either do or collect throughout the night – the more daring and ridiculous, the better!

Another good tip is make sure the girls have as much fun as you, send them this article of hens night ideas.

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