CockTail Party ideas and Tips

Cocktail Party is always a good way to bring friends together. It’s also a good way for guests to break the ice and make new friends.

Here’s some advice and tips for holding a Cocktail Party that your guests will surely love.

For a Cocktail Party you could tell guests to pick a favourite cocktail and dress according to its theme. Eg. Rob Roy (wear a kilt), Fallen Angel (angel costume with broken wings & bent halo).

A Cocktail Party is also a good excuse for guests to dress to the nines and wear their best formal attire for the evening. Make it a black tie affair that your friends will enjoy.


Set the mood by dimming the lights and making the house stylishly comfortable for the guests. Try to arrange seating so that the guests can relax and talk, while also having an area where they can mingle.

Music can also help to set the mood. Lounge music is perfect for a cocktail theme so you could maybe play some of the greats like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Mel Torme or Burt Bacharach.

Suggestion, if you are on a hens night then get a topless waiter to create the cocktails for you. We have used this company in the past and they were great:

Food Suggestions

Food can be important for this party to avoid drinking on an empty stomach.

Serve finger food that’s easy to nibble on such as miniature quiches, spring rolls, and finger sandwiches.

Pretzels, crackers and dip would also be good and a cheese platter would be even better!

Games & Activities

Blindfold Taste Testing:
Have guests wear a blindfold and see if they can guess what the cocktail is that they taste. You can even make the game trickier and see if they can pick the ingredients.

Cocktail Wheel:
Make a spinning wheel and label it with different cocktail ingredients. Have the guests spin it several times and make a drink using whatever the wheel lands on.

Before the party, you can easily make a cocktail wheel by cutting out a large circle of cardboard and painting different sections with an ingredient name.

Make a hole in the centre and fix it to another piece of cardboard or Styrofoam by using a nail or a golf tee. A second golf tee, clothes peg or strip of cardboard can be fixed at the top to be used as a marker.

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