Cross Dressing Party Ideas and Tips

Switch roles, turn the tables and have some fun by having a Cross Dressing Party with your friends.

Here’s some advice and tips for holding a Cross Dressing Party that your guests will surely love.

For a Cross Dressing party, guests must come in costume, dressed as the opposite gender. The boys go as girls and the girls go as boys.

Make the night more interesting by having guests turn up as famous couples or historical figures. You can even set a theme suited to particular period like the Roaring Twenties or the 60’s. This is also a great idea for a hens party.


Decorate the house by putting up posters of famous actors and politicians. Have fun by using pens and markers to add moustaches and beards to the women and to put makeup on the guys.

Food Suggestions

Set out a spread of food and have fun by presenting it with mismatched labels. Label pies as hotdogs, hotdogs as pies, and so on.

Serve drinks along with decorations such as cocktail umbrellas, blue for the girls and pink for the boys.

Games & Activities

Mismatched Makeover:
Have the guests wear a blindfold and apply makeup to one of the male guests or draw a moustache on one of the women.

For inspiration try using the following films and themes:

Mrs Doubtfire
She’s The Man
Sorority Girls
Some Like It Hot

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