Envy Party Ideas and Costume Suggestions

Give in to one of the deadly sins and have an Envy Party to remember. Here’s some advice and tips for holding an Envy Party that your guests will surely love.

Costume Suggestions

For added fun have the gusts arrive dresses as Haves and Have-Nots, wearing costumes of the wealthy and the poor, the famous and the ordinary.

You could also invite guests to dress up as the people they envy the most, such as celebrities and wealthy tycoons.

You could also set the party around historical themes that were inspired by envy such as the French Revolution, the fall of Rome and other well known events.

Another great costume idea is to have guests arrive dressed as the Green Eyed Monster itself.


Put up photos and posters of famous celebrities or rich icons and defile them with pens and markers. You could even attach a marker on a string to the wall, so that guests can do the evil deed themselves throughout the night.

Green is the traditional colour associated with envy. You could decorate the house in green using streamers and balloons.

Food Suggestions

Serve food that’s been mislabelled and remind guests what they’re missing. Boiled eggs can be labelled as caviar, hamburgers labelled as Veal, and so on.

The same can be done with drinks. Make fake labels to place on bottled drinks, labelling them as something extravagant.

Games & Activities

Make a large piñata of a wealthy tycoon – a rich Fat Cat with a cigar for the guests to vent on with a bat! Fill it with gold chocolate coins and play money such as that found in Monopoly.

For inspiration try using the following films and themes:

Bill Gates
Rupert Murdoch
Donald Trump
Brewster’s Millions
Hating Alison Ashley
Mean Girls
Trading Places

This is also great idea for a hens night.

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