Fun Hens Night Games That Will Make You Laugh


“Uh oh, she’s taking off her shoes, this is getting serious!”. A hen weekend simply isn’t complete without some hilarious hen party games. But you don’t want the boring old games everyone has played before…

As ever at GoHen we love to be original, so we’ve made a list of unique hen do games.

The games you choose for a hens night can make or break your party. This is a time to let your hair down with the girls, and play some awesome games that will have you laughing all night.

There are so many different ideas. Funny hens night games, classy hens night games or hens party games at home while you’re getting warmed up. We whittled them down to our favourites.

Before the celebration, write down as many different male characteristics as you can think of onto separate pieces of paper (enough for at least two per guest). These are your playing cards. Some examples include ‘man with red hair’, ‘man riding a bike’ and ‘a married man’.

Hand the cards out on the day – making sure each person is given at least 2 characteristics. Explain that these playing cards are their ‘Ideal Men’, and it is their mission to hunt them down! The first person to find both of their ideal men wins!

Print off a LARGE photo/poster of your hen’s crush (for example) along with enough cartoon peckers for each guest. On the night, guests take it in turns to be blindfolded and spun before tying to ‘pin’ the pecker in the correct position. Make sure you write each guests’ name on their particular penis so that you can keep track of who is winning!

Set up a circle of shot glasses, each filled with some sort of beverage (anything from straight alcohol such as vodka, to non-alcoholic drinks such as water or prune juice). In the middle of the circle, place a wine bottle (or something similar). To play, each guest takes their turn to spin the bottle; drinking the particular shot it stops at. Extra points for those who can drink with a straight face!

Each guest writes down a truth or dare for the bride-to-be to complete. When everyone is done, collect the cards without your hen seeing what’s been written. One by one, throughout the night, provide your hen with a truth or dare (stagger them so that she’s not copping it all at once!). Give her a special prize once she makes it through them all – she’ll deserve it!

Select a few words that can’t be mentioned throughout the party (that’s right, for the WHOLE duration!). Make sure you choose words that are definitely going to be said frequently (e.g. popular catch phrases within your group, the groom’s name, the wedding, etc.).

Every time one of these banned words is used, that particular guest must pay the price (i.e. take a shot, answer a truth question, complete a dare/fine, etc.).

On a computer, paste a picture of your hen’s face at the top of a blank A4 page. Print off enough of these as there are guests’ attending the party.

On the day, have the girls design bridal gowns by drawing a dress, veil, shoes, etc. onto the page with your hen’s face at the top (this means they have to draw arms, legs, bodies, etc.). Drawing skills and dress-sense make this game hilarious – best dress wins!

Split your guests into groups (with at least 3 team members per group). Each team then creates a designer wedding dress within 10 minutes using ONLY toilet paper (you can find bamboo and recycled toilet paper here). This is achieved by dressing one of the team members (a.k.a. the model) by wrapping, throwing, twisting, etc. toilet paper over their body.

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