Hens night cake to make your hen very happy

For you, your cake is probably a central part of the party planning. Whether you bake it yourself, get a friend to do it or pay a professional you want it to look fabulous and taste truly scrumptious.

We’ve narrowed down our favourite cake designs/concepts for you; each one is sure to be showstopper!


Your hen party is undeniably and unequivocally all about you (the bride), so it makes sense for the cake to embody you. This may require a more creative design but it will be worth the giggles!

Whether it’s recreating you on a wild night out or perhaps you relaxing with some of the bride squad. Using Barbie dolls for your decoration saves the pain of modelling characters out of fondant icing.


For those of you who live by ‘less is more’ all you need is a striking cake topper.

Keep the cake plain; one colour, classic piping or perhaps the simple drip effect we all drool over on Instagram! With regards to the topper, we particularly love slogans and phrases. You can get them made bespoke on various ETSY or NotOnTheHighStreet shops.

Our particular favourites include ‘drunk in love’, ‘he’s her lobster’ and ‘let’s party b*tches’.


If your budget is a little tight a selection of macarons is the perfect alternative. You’re likely to have less wastage and you’ll get major Parisian vibes.

Whether you create an ombre effect up the stack or go a bit crazy with the colours of the rainbow, it will definitely catch your guests’ eyes.


A really cute and interactive idea. Just supply an assortment of cupcakes (whatever flavours you fancy), simply ice them with buttercream and then let your guests do the rest! Fill bowls with the likes of marshmallows, cake sprinkles and jelly beans; anything goes! Each member of your bride squad will then end up with a beautifully decorated cake they can all their own. 

Every celebration should have cake otherwise you can’t reaaaallly call it a celebration – and a hen party is no exception!

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