Hens Night Cakes That The Whole Party Will Enjoy

The concept of throwing a bachelorette party for your best girl has become quite popular over the years. I mean are we even ‘wedding’ ready without a bachelorette?

I am proud to say that with each year, girls all over are taking crazier steps than ever when it comes to enjoying the bride’s last official single night!

Is it even a bachelorette party if you don’t have crazy tidbits to reminisce about over the years? It is also the time to let go of all inhibitions and let your hair down… literally! And this can begin with a cake – a cake that sets the tone for the fun night it is going to be. A must in every celebration, it’s a must for bachelorette too. No, I don’t mean the regular round cakes with chocolate icing. I am talking about the juicy ones which are hard to eat with a straight face.  Sounds great, right? Well, we’ve got some great bachelorette party cake ideas to make it even crazier. 

What to Know About Serving Size

According to Richardson, a six-inch cake will provide 8-10 servings, while a ring-style cake can accommodate 15 portions, offering a fun themed option.

“For bachelorette parties, I either recommend a six-inch cake or a ring cake, depending on the desired aesthetic,” says Danetra Richardson, owner of Swank Desserts. “The six-inch cakes are perfect for smaller bachelorette parties.”

How to Decorate

When it comes to decorating a bachelorette night cake, it truly is all about fitting the party’s theme or aesthetic. Certainly, plenty of hues of pink and white come into play, but it’s also fun to switch up the traditional palette with hints of gold and green.

“We always recommend adding color as well as gold details and fresh florals to really make the design pop,” says Richardson. “Macarons are also fun garnishes for cakes and a great way to add height and a touch of elegance.”

Adding a custom cake topper can elevate the look of a cake, or even setting up a full and beautiful dessert display is another great option. Read on for festive cake ideas for every style bachelorette party.

Make a Statement


Ditching the traditional cake altogether is totally an option, and this might just be the perfect substitute. Celebrate a bachelorette by putting a ring on the table! With layers of buttercream, topped with fruits, macarons, candies, and fresh flowers, this is almost too pretty to eat.


Celebrate With a Topper


It’s time to celebrate! Stick with a simple textured white cake, but decorate the top and pair it with beautiful blooms for a lovely display. We love the look of this cake topper toasting to the future.


Balance With Beautiful Blooms


We know, it’s hard not to think of too much pink when it comes to a bachelorette, but this cake pulls it off flawlessly. Subtle pink hues are incorporated into the buttercream of this single-tiered cake, pairing so well with the beautiful blooms on top. Certainly, one bright pink flower makes a statement, but the more subdued hues around it bring together this look in the most beautiful way.


Put a Ring On It


Between the gold foil detailing and the bright, beautiful florals, this cake has it all! But it’s the shimmer diamond cake topper that really pulls this look together.


Create a Sweet Pairing


Planning a bachelorette with plenty of friends? Make a sweet little spread. Single-tiered cakes pair perfectly with dainty macarons, all decked in peach and gold detailing for the most charming display.


Go for Gold


Adding a fun topper is such a great way to celebrate the bachelorette, especially if it gives a fun nod to the future. We love the way this single-tiered cake is decked out in plenty of gold to seamlessly bring the cake and topper together.


Opt for a Hand-Painted Design


Why not order a custom masterpiece to truly make the day special? This single-tiered cake is hand-painted with textured buttercream and gold detailing, with a single gold-painted pink rose to bring it all together.


Personalized Bachelorette Party Cakes 

While selecting a cake for the bachelorette party, we’d suggest choosing something with a personal touch. Something that tells the story of bachelorhood. And these scrummy cakes are perfect for that. Obviously, the party is going to a blast, and y’all are likely to get wasted. So let your cake reflect just that.

 Bachelorette Party Cake Ideas For The Excited Bride-To-Be

We all know a friend who just can’t wait to get married, right? And since you can’t make her feel bad about leaving the single life, you can opt for a cake that reflects her excitement. And these cake ideas are perfect for the enthusiastic brides-to-be.

It’s Time To Bid Adieu To The Single Life

It’s always fun to tease your friends about something that’ll most likely annoy them. And making your friend realize that it’s time for her to bid farewell to the single life is definitely a golden chance. Getting a cake that signifies saying goodbye to the singlehood seems just the perfect option for a bachelorette party cake, doesn’t it?

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