Hens Night Dares That The Whole Party Will Enjoy

Hen Party Dares are a great way of bringing some serious fun and laughs to the hen party celebrations.

They are a great ice-breaker and really can help get the party started. Done well it’s all good fun, you’ll create plenty of giggles and a truly memorable night that the bride-to-be will always look back on fondly.

These free hen night dares range from silly to naughty to hilarious and more to give you some unique ideas to add to your list of hen party games.

Classic Dares

1. Ask for free shots from the bar

2. Flirt with the bartender

3. Take off an item of clothing

4. Drink a glass of wine in less than 20 seconds

5. Do an impression of one of the hens

6. Tie a cherry stem with your tongue

7. Say the alphabet backwards in under 20 seconds

8. Be the first to find a picture of the Queen

9. Blow a kiss to a stranger and get one back!

10. Do the worm ladies

Crazy Dares

1. Dance on the bar

2. Loudly sing and dance in the street for 2 minutes straight

3. Become a slave to another player for 5 minutes

4. Draw a moustache on your face for the WHOLE hen night!

5. Wear all your clothes inside out

6. Handcuff the hen party together for the night

7. Get someone to sign your chest

8. High five the most strangers possible in a minute

9. Act like a chicken for 3 minutes straight

10. Let your friends send a text from your phone to whoever they want

Girls Night Out Dares

1. Send everyone in the group your last text to the groom to be

2. Take a giant penis inflatable out with you for the hen night

3. Get as many phone numbers as possible in 2 minutes

4. Describe the bride to be using 3 actions

5. Drink a mystery drink creating by the rest of the hens

6. Twerk for a minute

7. Try to convince a stranger you’re famous (Gavin & Stacey style)

8. Hug a bouncer

9. Get a picture with the most muscly man you can find – best one wins!

10. Order a drink in a foreign accent

Truth or Dare

1. What was the last thing you searched on your phone? Or, let the hen group post anything they want on your social media for 30 seconds

2. Have you ever peed the bed? Or, take a club toilet selfie and send it to your hubby to be

3. What was the last text you sent? Or, text your Mum/Dad something true and embar­rassing!

4. What are you most looking forward to in married life? Or, get eye contact with a stranger and hold it for 30 seconds

5. Have you ever pretended to be sick to get out of plans? Or, convince the bartender to give you a free drink

6. What’s the most illegal thing you’ve done? Or, find a policeman and take a picture with their hat on!

7. What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on? Or, swap clothes with an item of clothing from a random man

8. If you switched genders for the day what would you do? Or, convince a random guy to have a makeover by your hen group

9. Who do you think is the Beyoncé of the group? Or, request Single Ladies and bust out the moves gals!

10. What is your wildest fantasy (don’t hold back)? Or, take as many pictures of the hen group as possible on random people’s phones

Make friends, party hearty and have the time of your lives! With that said, let’s start planning a hen do!
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