Hens Night Games That Everyone Will Love


Break the ice at your hen party and get everyone chatting with these fun hen party games. There’s something to suit every style of hen!

A hen weekend isn’t complete without some brilliant hen party games. But when you’ve got a mixed group of all the bride’s friends, it can sometimes be difficult to get conversation going and games in full swing.

Here is our list of the best hen party games:

1. New Nicknames

Get the bride to come up with nicknames for all the hens and reveal them with a name tag, a fab badge like the ones above from Livi & Belle, or a personalised sash for each girl. Then everyone else has to guess why they have that nickname.

For an added twist, why not turn this into a hen party drinking game? If someone slips up and uses a real name instead of a nickname they have to have a drink (just remember to buy lots of disposable shot glasses!).

2. Who’s Who

If you want a hen do game that really challenges the bride, ask all the hens to write down a fact about themselves on a post-it note. It could be something really simple such as ‘I got married last month’ or ‘I’m related to the bride’, or more elaborate like ‘I’ve broken my nose four times’. Give these facts to the hen to see how well she really knows her hen party.

A cute way of doing this is having her match up the post-it note fact with a polaroid photo of the hen (we love these light-up pegs from Not On The High Street). Then you can see which fact she has attributed to who, before the hens reveal the truth!

3. Cocktail Quiz

Kick off your night with some cheeky cocktails and test your hens with their knowledge of these naughty cocktail names. It’s even more fun if you don’t know the answers as there’ll be some spectacular guesses that you can tease your hens about for years to come.

If you’re starting your night in a bar, then order a few of each of these cocktails or ask the barman to design a special drink based off your wrong guesses.

4. The Mr and Mrs Quiz

If you’re a seasoned hen party goer you will have played the Mr vand Mrs quiz at a hen party however if you’re new to the hen party scene, here’s the low down.

The Mr and Mrs Quiz involves some prep. Prepare 15 to 20 questions for the groom on himself and the bride . The questions should be a mix of personal, thoughtful, romantic, funny and naughty.

Our top hen planner tip is to ensure you record the groom using your phone or another camera so you have a video of his responses.

If you are IT savy or know someone who is, pull it together nicely in a presentation or video to be played at the hen party. Then, at the hen party have the grooms video clip set up on a screen or computer. To play, gather all the hen party guests around and of course, the bride.

As the bride the questions that you asked the groom. When she gives each answer, play the grooms response. If she guesses right she gets to nominate a guest for a forfeit. If she guesses wrong, she has to do the forfeit.

This game is ESSENTIAL for any hen party.

5. Prosecco Pong

New on our hen party games list is Prosecco Pong! This is a fun spin on the popular US college game, beer pong.

You can think of it as a classy hen party idea or the path to hen party carnage. Either way, it will be a talking point and will ensure the hen party fun gets going.

It also breaks the ice quite well.

You can purchase Prosecco Pong on Amazon and it comes with 12 prosecco glasses and a 3 ping pong balls to play.

6. Who can make the best hen party cocktail?

Best for some healthy competition!

We’ve been inspired by Chrissy Teigen here and her Smirnoff Vodka Unicorn Drink.

Here’s a quick few tips:

  • Set up a stand with various tipples and garnishes and lots of alcohol. We’re thinking fruit, sprinkles, lollipops, candy floss etc.
  • It’s probably best to have one or two types of alcohol so there isn’t too much mixing going on. Stick to either vodka or gin and maybe some prosecco (is it even a hen party without prosecco?!)

We want Instagrammable cocktails here ladies!

The bride gets to choose the best one OR the winner is the best hen party cocktail photo for Instagram!

7. Hen Party Memories Game

Last but certainly not least, this great hen party game can be as naughty or as nice as you want it to be. Get every guest to anonymously write down an embarrassing or unusual experience they have had (make it an embarrassing date story if you want to spice things up). Then put them all in a bowl and have guests take it in turns to draw one and read it aloud.

Everyone has to guess who wrote the story, and you can fish for more embarrassing details once you find out who it is! This is a great game to get everyone talking and laughing. Mix in a few drinks and your hen night is off to a great start!

8. Lucky Chance Dance

For prep, you need a list of songs likely to be played during the day and night. All the songs need to be written on a slip of paper and placed in a bowl. When the day begins, each guest picks out a song name and if and when the song plays (either at the hens event or, better yet, out on the town later that night) whoever drew the song has to dance to it until it ends. If you’d rather a more private party, why not hire out some equipment and turn your living room into the ultimate disco party where you can dance the night away.


There you have it, our  8 best hens party games. Hope it helps you plan a truly amazing hens party for your bestie!

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