Hens Night Invitation Wording That Looks Great

Need some help creating the perfect bachelorette party invitation? Don’t worry! We’ve got lots of little tips & tidbits of information to help you inspire your choice of bachelorette party invitation wording and get your invites out the door ASAP!

Don’t Forget to Include!

As with all invitations, there are certain things that you cannot afford to leave out. So, when putting together your bachelorette party invites, make sure that you have all of the following listed somewhere on the invitation:

  • Name of the Bride to Be
  • Date(s)
  • Time
  • Location/Address
  • Where and to Whom to RSVP

What Type of Invitation Should You Send?

Once you’ve narrowed down whether you’re going to send an online invitation or a mail invitation, then you can start to get to the fun part. Your next step is figuring out what kind of invitation you want to send.

Lucky for you, we’ve got a few places you can start.


Nothing gives invitations a personal touch quite like a handwritten invitation. It’s a great way to show off your penmanship and get a little creative with the invites. However, it’s easier to leave things out or have misspellings when handwriting all the invitations. So, be sure to keep this in mind if you’re considering going this route.


With computer printout invitations, you get to choose from a variety of templates and plug your information right into the computer before printing. While this is a handy option if you are in a rush to get them out the door (and it’ll prevent your hand from cramping up!) you can lose a personalized touch to the invitations.


Are you on the crafty side of life and want to make your own invitations? Consider a DIY route for your invites. If you are looking for some inspiration for your one of a kind invites, check out Pinterest to get your invitation wheels turning.


Probably the most sought after route for invitations, going to a store and picking up a pack is a great idea for invitations if you’re on a time crunch and want to save money. However, like the computer printout invitations, you can lose a sense of uniqueness and that personalized touch. You can still add a personal touch when you fill in the names and dates, though!


Just like computer printout invitations, custom invitations are a simple and quick way to insert all your invitation information into a customized layout. There are tons of places you can order custom invitations online. We recommend Etsy if you’re looking for a starting point.


If you’re looking to send out an online invitation, then you’re definitely going to want to check out some online electronic versions of invitations. Remember, everyone’s computers and phones are different, so make sure that when you send out an electronic invitation that everyone has the capability to see all the information, no matter what kind of device they are on.

You’ve picked out the perfect bachelorette party invitation, and now what to say on them?

Here’s some fun invitation wording for a Night Out, Bachelorette Weekend, and Lingerie Shower. So you can skip ahead to the fun!

Night Out

A final toast to the single life
before Megan becomes a wife!

It’s a
Bachelorette Party
in honor of
Megan Richardson

July 10th at 8 PM
Nobo Bar
123 North Street
Baltimore, Maryland

RSVP to Sara by July 1st


It’s time for us to mix and mingle
These are Megan’s last days of being single!

Join us for a bachelorette bash
in honor of
Megan Richardson

July 10th at 8 PM
Nobo Bar
123 North Street
Baltimore, Maryland

RSVP to Sara by July 1st
555-568-9034 or sara@email.com


Follow some of the tips and tricks that we’ve given you for your bachelorette party invitation wording, and your invitations will definitely help set the mood for the party!

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