Hens night invite wording

While there may be dozens of to-dos on that bachelorette party planning checklist, don’t let finding the perfect invitations fall to the wayside. Sure, you can pass along the details of the bash to everyone in the bridal party group text—but there’s something so much more special and festive about printed bachelorette party invitations. Not only do they give guests a taste of all the fun to come, but they’re also a wonderful keepsake for the bride.

Below, we’ve curated a collection of our favorite bachelorette party invitations to fit every type of bachelorette party, from destination getaways to big city soirees and everything in-between. We also found classic invites that are suitable for all themes. Good luck picking just one—we certainly couldn’t!

Guidelines For Hens Invite Wording

When you’re ready to start building your bachelorette party invitations, you’ll want to double check that you have all the most important information included. Leaving out vital information such as the date or the honoree’s name can cause a lot of confusion for invited guests. To help, we’ve included a list of necessary details for your bachelorette invites below. And if you’re looking for additional help, make sure to check out our guide on party invitation wording.

Bachelorette’s Name

Forgetting the guest of honor’s name on the invitation would make a serious faux paux. Ensure her name is front and center on the invitation, and double check that it’s spelled right. This may seem like a no-brainer! But when you’re under pressure the most simple of points can easily slip your mind. So, before doing anything else, make sure you include a heading on the hens night invite that states what the event is and who it is for. E.g. ‘Bec’s Hen’s Night!’ or ‘Let’s Celebrate Bec’s Upcoming Wedding with an Outdoor Bridal Shower’.


Where will the bachelorette party be hosted? Include both the name of the location and the address. If the location is tricky to get to, consider including a map or directions to help guests get to the right spot. When it comes to where the event is, don’t just provide the initial meeting point. Rather, give guests’ an approximate overview of what will be happening at the party (e.g. 10.00am first Winery [insert address], 12.00pm walking to next Winery [insert address], etc.).

As mentioned earlier, this gives guests the opportunity to meet you later on in the party if, for some reason, they can’t attend the whole thing.

Date & Time

Prior to ordering the invitations, it’s always a good idea to double check that you have the correct date and time listed.


Include the name and contact information of whoever is hosting the party so that guests know who to talk to and don’t overwhelm the bride-to-be.

RSVP Information

Make sure guests know when the deadlines for the RSVPs are as well as how to send theirs in. And finally, make sure you include an RSVP date and time alongside your name and contact number/email. Setting a date at LEAST one month prior to the party is a good idea, as it allows you time to sort out the finer details (as you will have a final guest count).

Additional Details

Is there a dress code for the event? Is the party a surprise for the guest of honor? Or is the party a weekend getaway with more details forthcoming? All of this information should also be included in the invitation.

Hens party Invitation Ideas

Looking to make your bachelorette party invitation wording stand out? Consider adding some of the following:

    • Humor. Adding wording that suits the bride’s sense of humor not only helps keep the invitation light hearted but helps to excite the invited guests.
    • Photos of the Bride-to-be. Include a photo or two of the guest of honor on the invitation to help make it pop.
    • Meaningful Quotes. Adding some meaningful marriage quotes or bridesmaid quotes and sayings to the invitation will remind everyone of the special event coming up.


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