Reunion Party Ideas & Tips

Holding a Reunion Party can mean more to everyone than the usual gathering. A Reunion Party is a chance for old friends and acquaintances to catch up and share old times as well as getting to know each other all over again.


When arranging a reunion party, it’s a good idea to prepare a guest list well in advance – possibly months ahead of time, if possible. There’s a good chance that those you’re able to invite will then have the time to contact others.

The best reunions are those when all the old gang attend. The earlier you let people know about the reunion, the better the chance that networks will form, getting the word out to others.

Networking with other guests can also help you in getting photos and memorabilia for the reunion. Placing old photos or posters about can put people at ease if they feel daunted by seeing people again after such a long time. It will also act as a perfect icebreaker, giving old friends much to talk about and remember.


Something to consider when holding a reunion party is what kind of music to play. The night will be much more memorable if you go out of your way to find suitable music for the night, this can be old favourites that were listened to by you and your friends or simply the music of the era and time when you were all together back in the day.


As with any function or party, choosing the venue is important. If you decide to hire a venue for the occasion be sure to book in advance.

It is also important to consider that many people you invite might live further away these days, so choosing a location that’s easy for everyone will encourage more people to come to the reunion.

Tips & Ideas:

If possible, try and find copies of newspaper covers from the era that you’re celebrating. You can find these by approaching your state library.

Reminding people of what was happening at the time they were all together can bring them closer, giving them the chance to reminisce about how the world was then.

Have guests write down something unexpected that they’ve done, something that they wouldn’t have dared to do back when everyone was together. See if people can guess who did what.

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