School Reunion Party Ideas and Tips

School Reunion Party

Here are some tips that will make it much easier to reunite all your old school friends and students. Hosting a School Reunion can be a daunting thing if a great deal of time has passed. The advice here should help make the whole event run smoothly.


When arranging a school reunion, it’s a good idea to prepare a guest list well in advance – possibly months ahead of time, if possible. There’s a good chance that those you’re able to invite will then have the time to contact others.

The best reunions are those when all the old gang attend. The earlier you let people know about the reunion, the better the chance that networks will form, getting the word out to others.

Networking with other guests can also help you in getting photos and memorabilia for the reunion. Placing old photos or posters about can put people at ease if they feel daunted by seeing people again after such a long time. It will also act as a perfect icebreaker, giving old friends much to talk about and remember.

If you’re having trouble contacting people then one way to reach them might be to contact your old school. Many schools often have reunion lists already prepared and it’s not always surprising for their own children to attend the same school.


Something to consider when holding a school reunion is what kind of music to play. The night will be much more memorable if you go out of your way to find suitable music for the night, this can be old favourites that were listened to by you and your friends or simply the music of the era and time when you were all together back in the day.

Venues & Catering:

As with any function or party, choosing the venue is important. If you decide to hire a venue for the occasion be sure to book in advance. Ideally, it’s always a great night if you’re able to hold the function at the school you all attended.

Depending on the number of people, you might find it easier if catering is also provided. Many school reunions often have a fee per head that contributes to venue hire and catering. You’ll find that many old acquaintances won’t mind pitching in to cover what will be a fun night.

Another alternative is to simply hold the reunion at a restaurant or bar. If doing this, it’s a good idea to plan in advance and send invites out early in case you need to make bookings.

Tips & Ideas:

Most schools publish annual magazines or record books for each year. If you don’t have old copies yourself, ask around before the reunion to see if anyone else still has copies. You can also contact your old school to see if they have copies they could loan. People will love to pass them around and remember how they were then.

Have guests write down something unexpected that they’ve done, something that they wouldn’t have dared to do back when everyone was together. See if people can guess who did what.

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