Trivia Party Ideas

The Trivia & Quiz Night is an old favourite of English pubs and quiz nights are now more popular than ever. Television game shows have created a new interest in them for both young and old.

Like so many great party ideas you can organise a Trivia Night yourself or invite a professional host to handle the hard work.

You’ll find links here to professional Quiz MC’s as well as the Party Oz Do It Yourself guide to hosting a Trivia Night.

Preparing a Quiz

Try to prepare questions with a broad range of categories. Source questions from the Internet or by using the questions from games such as Trivial Pursuit. This is an easy way to avoid confusion about having correct answers.

Find a large number of questions if you can – preferably 100 – 150.

Make sure to include topics that are suitable for all the guests you’ve invited so that no one’s left out on the night.

A good idea is to have the questions printed out well in advance. You can organise them into different categories this way and you’ll also have time to check the facts so there’s no confusion with the answers.

Be sure to have enough pens for the night.

Decide beforehand whether or not people will work in teams or individually. Having guests working in teams would be much more fun for your guests.

Prepare answer sheets for the guests, including sections for their answers. Suggest that they make up a team name and include it on the sheet.

If you can, get someone else to help you host the party. This way you can both take a turn at playing MC for the night, and you can each join in answering questions.

If you decide to do this, remember to arrange the questions separately so that you won’t know the answers when taking part in the quiz.


Decorate by printing out large sheets that tell little known facts and trivia. You could even put up questions or riddles and offer prizes to the first people to guess the answers.

Put up photos and pictures of famous intellectuals such as Einstein, Stephen Hawkins and other intellectual giants.

Food Suggestions

Make even the food fun for the night by providing Mystery Dip. Make various dips and set them on the table, each with a sheet of paper and pen. Have the guests write down what they think the dip contains.

As people may be working in teams during the night, try to serve food that’s easy to pass around.

You could also serve food in several bowls, setting small tables for each group so they have snacks to nibble on during the quiz.

Did You Know…

There is a well-known but untrue story of the word “quiz”, which says that in 1791 a Dublin theater owner named James Daly made a bet that he could introduce a word into the language within twenty-four hours.

He then went out and hired a group of street urchins to write the word “quiz”, which was a nonsense word, on walls around the city of Dublin.

Within a day, the word was common currency and had acquired a meaning (since no one knew what it meant, everyone thought it was some sort of test) and Daly had some extra cash in his pocket.

While entertaining, there is absolutely no evidence to support it and the term was already in use before the alleged bet in 1791.

This also works great for a hens night so be sure to get the girls on board.

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