Unique Hens Night Things To Do

With spring coming up, and wedding season just around the corner, its time to start planning for your besties big night! As the maid of honour, or as part of the team of bridesmaids planning the night, it’s your job to make sure the bride has the best night ever!  Without a doubt, you can’t have a memorable hens party without the following ingredients: laughter, drinks, male entertainment and heaps of photos to remind you the next day what a crazy fun night you had with your bestie.
Do not stress! You are in the right place for all your hens party ideas, inspiration and information.
Whether you are looking to for a packed full weekend, or a laid back spa day, this list has something for every type of bride.


From Robin Hoods’ Maid Marian and Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, to the red-haired Meridan in Disney Pixar’s Brave, Hollywood has embraced fearless females with bows and arrows. Now it’s your turn to bring the archer goddess dream to life, with your very own coloured bow, foam tipped arrow and… face guard.
True to its name, Archery Attack is a battle and you are the target. Your group will be thrown into the battlefield with only the inflatable obstacle course and your safety gear to protect you. And we make sure the Hen can’t hide with a target strapped to her back!

2. Makeover

Yeah, she’s a glamourous, she always looks gorgeous on a night out but who wouldn’t love to try a new look or have an expert to do her hair and make-up? This will be just like her wedding day – someone turning up and ‘making the magic happen’, but this time all the hens can get in on the act and have a make-over too. It’s wham, glam, thank you, mam!


Let the good times beGIN! With a gin and tonic in hand, your Hens Party will be guided on a personal distillery tour and private gin tasting. Don’t know your juniper berries from your citrus peels? Don’t worry. You’ll be treated to an insightful and entertaining masterclass explaining the distillation process, introducing the flavours and botanicals of each gin (with plenty of samples along the way for research purposes), and delving into the cheeky history of the prohibition era. And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, the cocktails certainly will. This is a classy and fun Hens Day experience and it’s available day or night – because it’s always Gin O Clock!

4. BUNGY JUMP – 3, 2, 1… BUNGYYY!

For the hen who lives on the wilder side. Nice and simple, you jump off a tall structure with an elastic band tied around your ankles. Sound like your vibe? The first one was completed in Bristol, England and idiots and legends have been completing the dangerous activity ever since. The good news is, bungy jumping has never been safer and is completed in some truly picturesque settings. This is a massive advantage as it often takes the focus off you or the hen shitting yourself on the way down.


Don’t let the guys have all the fun! If a ladies day at the Day Spa sounds as entertaining as watching paint dry, the fast-paced action of the paintball battlefield might be more your style.
What better way to show your love for the Hen, than strapping a target to her back and arming everyone in your tribe with 300 paintballs – each!
Combining heart-pumping fun and a killer workout, the carbs won’t count when your pizza lunch is served. Best of all, you’ll leave energised and ready for a night of luxury after this unique day-time event.


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we couldn’t agree more.
Enjoy your beauty sleep before rolling out of bed for a bottomless brunch with your besties. Discuss the day’s game plan over all the smashed avo and eggs benny your heart (and appetite) desires. Of course, no bottomless brunch is complete without an endless drinks package and delicious cocktails. And you’ll receive the VIP treatment with an area reserved just for your party, with a DJ on-site ready to take your special requests and Hens Day dedications.


Pull your favourite dress out of your closet, find yourself a fascinating fascinator, and head down to the track. With packages including, your own VIP area, a great view of the track, free-flowing bubbly and tasty canapes (or even a buffet lunch) this is the perfect way to celebrate with your hen. You can place some bets, cheer on the horses, and spend your winnings on a big night out with the hen. Although, at House of Hens, we know the day is more about dressing up, enjoying some sunshine, and laughing with your girls.

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