10 Totally Delicious Christmas Desserts

So you’ve been asked to bring a dessert to your Christmas Day family lunch or work Christmas function? No need to stress! We have all your favourite traditional Christmas desserts right here. And these fabulous recipes will guarantee that people will be raving about your dessert for years to come!


Nothing screams ‘summer Christmas BBQ’ more than a pavlova. Whip it up and serve it with cream and fresh fruit, or perhaps lemon curd and strawberries, or how about making a decadent cream and chocolate version?

christmas desserts


This chilled cheesecake can be made ahead of time which means you can totally kick back and relax on the day! Decorate with red and green candy for a truly festive dessert.

christmas desserts

Christmas Pudding

Make your Christmas pudding ahead of time and then serve on the day with some yummy brandy cream (or custard for the little ones). For something totally out of this world, why not try this Rocky Road Popcorn Christmas Pudding form Jamie Oliver.

christmas desserts

Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake lasts for ages so make one and pop it in the cupboard to serve as the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee when guests pop in.

christmas desserts


Gone are the days of a boring old trifle. Nowadays there are no rules when it comes to making trifle. We love the idea of keeping it light and fresh with a classic combination of strawberries and cream.

christmas desserts


For a truly decadent dessert, pannacotta is just the thing! Keep it light by decorating with fresh berries.

christmas desserts

Ice-cream Layer Cake

For a kid-friendly Christmas dessert that adults will also adore, why not make an ice-cream layer cake. They look amazing but involve hardly any effort (we love, love, LOVE that!).

christmas desserts

Mince Tarts

Sure you could buy a box of mince tarts from the supermarket or bakery, but why not wow your guests with a batch of homemade mince tarts… trust me – there is simply nothing more delicious!

christmas desserts


Oh my gosh! Coffee and chocolate… is there a better flavour combination in world? Unleash your inner dessert demon by making a devilishly delicious tiramisu. This is sure to be gone in no time at all!

christmas desserts


If you’re feeding a crowd, why not make a whole heap of mini mousse cups? This way people can grab one from the dessert table and eat it while mingling (perfect for a cocktail style celebration). For something truly delicious, why not try this Chocolate Hazelnut version.

christmas desserts

What is your favourite Christmas dessert?

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