Whether you’re planning a 21st or a 40th birthday party, a dress up theme is a fun (and hilarious!) option. Throwing a dress up party not only sets the theme for a great¬†celebration, but it also allows you to choose the music, food and decorations to suit. For example, a 80s theme party definitely calls for some trendy disco music, vol-au-vents and some roller skating fun!


So here’s our favourite adult dress up party themes that are sure to make your party absolutely hilarious… and tons of fun!


1. Mad Men Party

For an adults-only party, a Mad Men theme is a must. Bring out your inner Don Draper, whip up a few ‘Old Fashioned’ cocktails and let the good times roll! Suits and tight fitting dresses are a must!


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2. A Bridget Jones Party

Oh how I love this one! You can’t beat a girly party for great night in. Tell your guests to come dressed in their comfiest trackies and ugg boots. Eat bowls of ice-cream while watching chick flicks and crying about your long lost loves!


Image credit: MSN


3. A Super Hero Party

This fun little party theme isn’t just reserved for the kids! Everyone loves an excuse to dress up as their favourite superhero. Wonder woman anyone?


Image credit: Entertainment Weekly


4. Prom Theme Party

Relive your teenage years with a prom inspired dress up party. Think BIG. Big hair, big dresses, big everything! Oh and of course, a little corsage too!


Image credit: Theme Works


5. A Hippie Party

Oh yes. This one’s a classic. Your guests will love turning up in hippie inspired costumes. Flower headbands anyone? Peace sign necklaces? This is one dress up party not to be missed!


Image credit: Feng Shui Dana


6. Casino Party

Bring out your inner high roller with a casino party. Dress up to the nines at this all-out lavish bash. For a bit of fun, make sure you’ve got a roulette table or two happening as well!


Image credit: Dot Com Women


7. Movie Star Party

Hold a Hollywood style movie star party complete with cocktails, flashy decorations and of course, a red carpet. Invite everyone to come dressed as their favourite movie star.


Image credit: Etsy


8. Rockers and Rappers

For the music lover, a ‘Rockers and Rappers’ party is a must. Bring out those gold chains and grungy t-shirts for a night of loud music.


Image credit: Cookie Connection


9. James Bond Party

Classy. That pretty much sums up a James Bond themed party. Come dressed as 007 himself, or perhaps a bond girl is more your thing?


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10. Disco Party

Ahhh remember the good old days with disco music, roller skates and short, glittery dresses? Well they’re back in vogue with a disco inspired party. Why not get each guest to choose their favourite disco tunes on an old school jukebox when they arrive.


Image credit: Dimequesi

Are you planning a dress up birthday bash? What’s your theme going to be?

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