Do you know someone who just loves to entertain guests at home? Their parties are always fabulously styled affairs and they know how to pull together a finger food and cocktail combo?

Christmas gift ideas for the entertainer who likes to party

If you know such a person, then you will love these gift ideas we’ve curated for the entertainer who likes to party. A host can never have enough serving ware for their elaborate parties. We’ve compiled an array of gifts to suit all styles and budgets. Best of all your present will be put to good use at their New Year Eve bash. If  they choose to have one.

christmas gift ideas for party lovers

  1. Casa Uno 33cm Cake Stand $54.95
  2. Stripe Blue Ice Bucket $19.95
  3. Casa Uno Stoneware Dipping Dishes set of 6 $35.95 (on sale)
  4. Barel Bright Melamine Tumblers set of 6 $22.95
  5. Definitions Napkin Holder $19.95
  6. Steady Stick Picnic Wine Stand Set of 2 $19.95
  7. Big W Stripe Tablecloth $37.49 (on sale)
  8. French Bull Dinner Plate $19.95
  9. Mango Wood and Marble Rectangular Serving Board $69.95
  10. French Bull Florentine Entrée Plate $12.95

Do you enjoy entertaining at home? Any of these gifts tickle your fancy?

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