December Birthdays can often be overlooked because of the whirlwind of Christmas and New Years. Those born in December often groan as soon as they see everyone running around, organizing Christmas, and not putting any real effort into their special day. But there are ways to ensure the person who celebrates a Birthday in December is remembered and made special, despite the Christmas chaos that surrounds their day. Here are 7 ways to make a December Birthday special, inspired by this post from Have a Laugh on Me who ensures her son’s Birthday is never forgotten.

make a december birthday special

1. Remember your family member’s Birthday. One way to make someone feel special on their Birthday is to actually remember it. When the kids are young, more of an effort is made, but as soon as that little person has grown up into an adult, their Birthday can be easily looked over because of Christmas. Don’t let it happen. Put reminders in your phone, in your diary and check into Facebook to see who’s Birthday is being celebrated in December.

December Birthdays Special

2. Have a party that is NOT Christmas related. A party that is in a theme that suits the Birthday person will make them feel special and definitely not overlooked.

special december Birthday

3. Choose to party a month earlier or later to avoid the guests being away on holidays or booked to go to Christmas parties or other events.

december Birthday

4. If your December Birthday is early in the month, choose to put the Christmas decorations up in the house after the Birthday celebration.

december Birthday

5. Don’t combine Birthday and Christmas Gifts. Ensure a special gift (within budget) is given on both days.

6. Countdown to your child’s big day. Get your child excited that their Birthday is coming soon, even though you may also already be counting down to Christmas!

December Birthday

7. Ensure family and friends remember your December Birthday. If it’s a child’s Birthday, mum could send a text to friends and family to remind everyone, alternatively, if you’re an adult you could share a Facebook status ‘Tonight’s my last night being this age’ or ‘I can’t believe how fast my Birthday has come this year.’ Add some humour to it.

At the end of the day, those that are born in December – and over any commercially celebrated occasion should be made special. Make an effort to remember their Birthday, and it will be appreciated.

Do you celebrate a Birthday in December? What do you do to ensure your December Birthday is special?

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